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     Pelican Press has published one children’s book, but has several others “in press.” Following is information about both the current and coming titles:



     In press... the Ronny series by Dandy Babb


      Ronny's Attire  

                Ronny learns that wearing dirty clothes to school is not a good idea.

      Ronny's Physique

                Ronny learns the value of exercise and other healthy habits.

      Ronny's Values

               Ronny learns to live by certain values.

      Ronny's Beliefs

               Ronny learns about God.



     Published in 2007 by Pelican Press

          Harry Meets Mathilda

          By Eileen Mary Wisdom

          Illustrated by M. D. Saunders

          $15, includes shipping and handling


          Harry, a young, extremely handsome yellow-billed hornbill, seeks excitement

          whenever his parents leave the nest. His two sisters encourage his misadventures

          until Mathilda, the black mamba, slithers up their marula tree.






Harry Meets Mathilda is or will be represented at the following:


Special Events
                  Homemakers Holiday Fair
                  Santa Rosa County Auditorium 
                  4350 Spikes Way
                  Milton, Florida 32570
                  First Friday and Saturday of November


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